Almacare, a 100% owned Irish company, is a multi award winning supplier of mastectomy wear.

Alma means ‘to nurture’ in Latin and ‘soul’ in Spanish. Set up in 2008 by Mary Downey BA (Hons) (who has many years experience in this area) our aim is to provide ladies with a greater choice of products and venues.

Breast care is what we are qualified to do and its what we specialise in. We are not an add-on to, or subsidiary of, another business so we can concentrate on giving you the widest choice possible.  You will be seen by a fully qualified fitter who will assist you in choosing what is right for you.  Our consultations are free, we won’t try to sell you anything, and there is no obligation to buy.

 We provide an appointment only fitting service at clinics in the following ten locations
·       Our Breastcare Fitting Centre at Manor House, 3 Church Road, Malahide
·       Drogheda – Gary Kelly Cancer Support Centre
·       Navan – Ardboyne Hotel
·       Galway – Clayton Hotel
·       Galway – Cancer Care West
·       Sligo University Hospital
·       Letterkenny – Cancer Care West, Pearse Road
·       Monaghan – Crocus Cancer Support
·       Dun Laoghaire – Royal Marine Hotel
·       Balbriggan – Balbriggan Cancer Support Centre
We also provide a mail and telephone ordering service.

Breast Forms (Prostheses)

Lightweight Tricup
Swimmimg Prosthesis
Authentic Lightweight

We all come in different shapes and sizes and every surgery is different too. So a ‘one style, or manufacturer, fits all’ solution will not work.  There are breast forms for all types of surgeries from lumpectomies to full mastectomies including adhesive (self-supporting) options.

Almacare offers a wide variety of breast forms from 7 different manufacturers.  The importance of finding the correct form for you cannot be overstated.  You will probably wear it every day so you must be comfortable with it.  The variety and choice we offer should help you find the right one.  And remember your breast form is only as good as the bra that supports it

8005 Light
First Form
Classic Lightweight Triangle


Our collection of post mastectomy lingerie offers a wide variety of sizes, colours, styles and designs  Our range is sourced from 17 different manufacturers.  By dealing with so many suppliers (some exclusively) we can offer even greater choice to make sure you get what is comfortable and right for you.  All our bras are pre-pocketed, or we can pocket them for you, to hold your breast form (prosthesis) comfortably in place. It is recommended that you are measured at least once a year to ensure your comfort and that your breast form (prosthesis) fits well.




Once your wound has healed and your doctor approves swimming can be an excellent form of exercise. Sourced from six different suppliers our swimwear offers higher necklines and backs to ensure you a comfortable secure fit. They also come with pockets on both sides which can hold either your own prosthesis or, if you prefer, a special swimming prosthesis – many women prefer these as it eliminates the need for transferring your regular prosthesis into your swimsuit. A wide variety of swimsuits, tankinis and wraps are available.



February 2024: The HSE revised their policy.  This change has now been reversed on the instruction of The Minister for Health.  They said “The Minister has instructed that the procedures are reviewed so that no one , either currently availing of the scheme or accessing it in the future, is at financial loss as a result of these changes”

Immediately after surgery all women are entitled to a prosthesis (or two if required) and two bras regardless of their medical card status.

After that medical card holders will receive a contribution towards two bras every year and a prosthesis (or 2 if required) every 2 years. The size of the contribution varies from area to area and, unfortunately, does not always cover the full cost.  Some, but not all areas, also contribute towards the cost of swimwear every 2 years.

We understand these policies are under review.  We’ll update this page when we hear of any change.


VHI, Irish Life, Laya Healthcare, Garda Medical Aid

Medical insurance companies do provide cover – dependent on your individual plan.


Tax relief is available for all qualifying medical purchases. Full details are available at your local tax office or at www.revenue.ie 

Call For Bookings and Appointments

If you would like to see us in Malahide, Dun Laoghaire, Balbriggan, Drogheda, Navan, Galway, Sligo, Monaghan or Letterkenny please give us a call at the number below.

We look forward to hearing from you

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